Artists Statement

My work is always abstract, always minimal. Most of my work is large scale and wall-based. In some projects I work in 3 dimensions. The variable factors are dependent on the nature of the exhibiting space, both in visual terms and how the space can be used. So work develops from an interaction between my current thinking and a response to the exhibiting space.
Working with the space and affecting the space is important.
Colour is a major element in my work. In many projects I have worked with colour spatially, installing areas of colour in an architectural context.
In all my work, 2D/3D, a re-looking at the space, and the viewer's changing experience from different angles/ positions is integral to my thinking.
I see studio work as development of language and processes in preparation for site sensitive installations.
Processes used include paint applied by roller directly on to walls ; layers of acrylic paint/glazes applied on to MDF surfaces; use of industrial materials; use of sign vinyl.
My Art practice includes exhibiting in gallery and non gallery spaces and public art commissions.