WINDOW 05, Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham

 This work was commissioned as part of an experimental programme, inviting artists to celebrate the gallery's position on the high street, focusing on their 'shop window'.
The vinyl colour blocks on the window were designed to create visual interest from the street and inside the foyer.
The linear intervention on the stairs created visual connections with existing spatial factors, heightening the viewer's experience as they walked up the stairs towards the main gallery.
The colour stack on the wall at the top of the stairs connected with the use of colour at street level.




Window, an annual series of exhibitions in the foyer area of the Angel Row Gallery was launched in 2004. An experimental programme invited five artists to respond to the architecture and transitional nature of the gallery's entrance space.

2005 sees the launch of a new Window season, which invites artists to celebrate the gallery's position on the high street through long term installations focusing on our own 'shop window'.

Sheila Ravnkilde transforms our experience of interior spaces through the physical presence of colour.

After studying the architectural details of the gallery foyer and observing how the entrance space is used by the general public, Ravnkilde applied large areas of colour directly onto the walls and windows, creating a strong visual impact both from the street and inside the gallery.