Angel Row, Nottingham 2007

 The large bands of black and turquoise were painted directly on to the gallery wall. The work gave the viewer a heightened awareness of the space. The white bands set up a connection with the columns, the reflections on the floor adding to the experience. The simple blocks of colour created a visual tension as they interlocked, pulling away from the corner.

Mary Doyle, curator:
"Sheila Ravnkilde works in direct response to the given architechtural space, whether a gallery or non-gallery site or public art commission. For Out of Place she created INTERLOCK, A wall painting of turquoise and black stripes using the white of the gallery wall as the measure of equal distance, stretching around two walls. Like Daniel Buren's site interventions, INTERLOCK uses the repeated format - coloured vertical stripes dictated by the white ground - to explore how the use of line, colour and form creates a tension and visual dynamic that pulls in and out of a space. Ravnkilde is interested in how the introduction of colour or linear divisions can heighten our sense of place and enrich our experience of a familiar environment."