8 PAIRS in situ 2007


8 PAIRS in situ was installed in Harrington Mills Studios new exhibition space ready for its launch, October 2007.

The work led you in from the entrance and towards the new curatorial space, unifying the space, and engaging the viewer's awareness of the structure of the space and the studios.

Each of the 8 pairs was made with one half acrylic paint applied directly on to the wall, the other half being a ready made industrial material, ranging from foamboard, plexiglass, twin-walled polycarbonate sheet to galvanised metal, chipboard and matchboard. These ready made areas were fixed with round headed screws and washers in each corner, the fittings clearly showing.

Some of the painted areas were colours mixed by the artist and applied with a single layer, by roller; other surfaces were built using glazes and were created in several layers.

Each pair, part of the whole, also invited the viewer's response to its particular qualities/ relationships, as they walked past the sections, interplay between the parts forming part of the experience.